11 October 2013

Favorite Santa Fe Shops

Because The Man has roots in New Mexico, I have had the chance to go to Santa Fe a few times over the years and have really enjoyed getting to know the city, it's layout, shops and restaurants. I thought I would share a few of favorite stops, some we visit every time we go to Santa Fe and another we just found on our last trip there.

Back At The Ranch: If you have a soft spot for cowboy boots this is cowboy boot heaven. This shop has created boots for many of Country Music and Hollywood's biggest stars.

The colors and patterns are amazing. It's a great place to wander and it seems like it's always our first stop. The staff there is very friendly and welcoming too.

The Burrito Cafe: A nice day of wandering in Santa Fe, often gets fueled with a stop into The Burrito Cafe (click this link for a photo and directions). It's kind of the first cafe we come to once we've parked and walked to the center of town. After the 45-minute drive from Albuquerque everyone is usually ready for a little break, a sit in the sun, a cool drink and a snack. We often end up ordering a couple of items and sharing them.

Let me just say this right up front, do not ever attempt to share one Sopapilla (think Indian Fry Bread) with honey with your family. You'll get one bite and suddenly it will be completely gone. Order at least two and keep one close to you on the table. We always sit outside where there is good people watching, comfortable, simple seating and always just the right amount of shade or sun. The food has always been good.

Sequoia Lifestyle Gallery - Santa Fe: On our last visit we spent quite a long while in a new find for us, Sequoia Santa Fe. It's part art gallery, part home decorating boutique. The rustic slab wood furniture is amazing. There is so much to see and so much to be inspired by in this shop. We stayed for quite a long while discussing art and furniture pieces and wandering the rooms. Here's a map.

Serats: I don't even know how to begin to describe Serats. It is a collection of imports: rugs, furniture, doors and other decorative elements. There are room after room of things to see from mosaic ceramics to middle eastern rugs and furniture. Out back there is a large warehouse and courtyard full of old doors and wood carvings for sale. This is an amazing place to wander.

Seret is big time opposed to any photography in the store. But you can see more of their wares here at their site. There are lots of streets to wander in Santa Fe and all sorts of interesting galleries, eateries and jewelry and clothing shops.

Santa Fe like many tourist towns is always changing so while there are always spots that have been there for decades there are always things popping up too. In fall, winter, spring or summer, Santa Fe is always a fun place to wander and explore. You will eat well and your creative soul will be fed well too.

Do you have favorite haunts in Santa Fe? I'd love to hear about them and put them on our list for our next visit. How about Albuquerque or Taos? I'd love to hear about your favorite spots!

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