01 October 2013

Knitting: Eternity Scarf

Thought I would share a little about the eternity scarf I knitted last week. It was a bit of a hodgepodge project but with a little advice, some ingenuity and a lot of unraveling, I finally figured it out. I couldn't decide what color or knit pattern I wanted, so I decided to go very basic: thick, cream colored yarn and the basic knit stitch.

Now that I have a Michael's very close to our house, I decided to just pop over there and get some yarn. Their selection was a little bit limited on chunky wool yarns and of course the one yarn I found and fell in love with they only had one skein of - and I needed two. So frustrated. But I found a somewhat comparable yarn that was a wool/polyester blend.

One thing I love about knitting scarves is that you only have a few stitches per row so you get a quick sense of accomplishment. This scarf probably took me four or five hours to knit but I did it in bits and pieces. I wasted at least one of those hours just trying to remember how to cast on, knit, etc. I went blank there for a bit. Another good hour or more was spent just taking it apart multiple times while I experimented with how many stitches I wanted and several different patterns and took those apart when I didn't like how they looked. Then I knit when I had a few minutes as a passenger in the car, during family movie night and just as a little break occasionally during the day.

I laughed at myself when I realized I'd come to the end of my yarn and had not cast off. I knew I would have to take off a row of stitches, but then realized I wasn't sure exactly how to cast off anymore. So I had to go back and check my handy "learn to knit" book to make sure I got it right. At least after I checked the book multiple times from the start to the finish of this scarf it didn't take long for me to get back up to speed.

I used this blog post by Never A Homemaker as a basis for my work and found it helpful. I also ended up pestering my sister a few times too. I definitely want to try a little more color and pattern variation, but this was a good basic start.

Have you had any knitting frustrations lately? I love knowing I'm not the only one who forgets things or who has to unravel their knitting occasionally.

*I linked this post up to Weekend Bloggy Reading at Serenity Now. Check out the link to Amanda's blog, all about finding creative solutions for staying sane, to find links to lot of creative projects posted this week.

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As kids, my sister and I used to knit skirts for our Barbie dolls. A few years ago, my sister, Sue, got on a knitting kick, and talked me into buying new wooden needles and some cool yarn ... but I never used them.


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