24 September 2013

A Pin Test # 14: Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Bats

It's Pin Test #15 and I am for some reason in total denial about the season. I haven't taken down any summer decor and seem to be refusing to realize it's late September and Halloween is just a few weeks away. So while looking for a Pin Test for this week I decided to break down and do a Halloween craft. I thought it would be fun to make small bats that we could hang from the tree near our front door. This pin comes from LaDeeDa Creations blog. There is a great tutorial there with full directions for the project. They are actually filling theirs with candy & gluing paper across the bottom. We're leaving ours hollow to hand up.

I short circuited the project significantly by using black glitter construction paper, glue and googly eyes, no paint. Here were my steps:

1) Gather toilet paper rolls
2) Cut black construction paper to length and width to cover the toilet paper roll.
3) Using a glue stick cover the inside of the paper then glue it onto the roll, sealing the edge securely with glue.
4. Bend back of top edge in forward, then bend front top edge back to create pointy ears.
5. Cut a 2" wide strip of construction paper the length you want for your wings. Ours are about 10 inches.
6. Fold the strip in half, so you have a strip about 5" long by 2" wide.
7. Cut three small half circles out of the bottom edge of the 5" long side
8. Unfold and glue the wings firmly to the back of the bat
9. Attach googly eyes to the front, to create a face.

Here are our finished products.

This is a great project for little kids. For an adult it takes about five minutes to create the bat body and wings. The really aggravating part is trying to get the backing off the googly eyes to stick them on. Super frustrating and took me longer than all the rest of the construction combined. (snarl). It might be easier to just use paint or black and white paper cute in small circles or ovals. But I wanted the three dimensional eyes that moved so I paid the price and finally got them on.

I am thinking of making a few of these and hanging them from the tree out front. They would also be cute on a garland of some sort or a group of them hanging on a vertical cord on the front door. The Bug mentioned that you could also easily make cats with this method. Just add a upside triangle nose, whiskers and a tail instead of the wings. We'll definitely try that out too. She's pretty jazzed about collecting toilet paper cardboard cores now. lol.

You'll have fun with these and no matter which technique you use. The cost to make these is very little. Have fun. Pin Test #15 is in the books, recorded as a success. If you decide to make these bats or cats please post a photo or let me know how it went!

Here are are two other really cute Halloween decorating ideas that we want to try. They both involve glow sticks which we have an abundance of around here and are quite fond of.

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