10 October 2013

Our Ideal Family

Over the years I've written about creating My Dream Life and My Life charts to help me better understand exactly who I am and what I want from life. I was thrilled a few weeks ago when we met with our advisors for the FOCUS program and they gave us a sheet that looked amazingly familiar. It was an Our Ideal Family chart and except for a change of words it looked just like my My Life charts with the title written in the middle and lines shooting out from it like a sunburst!

Why had I never thought of this? So for our homework we were asked to sit down as a family and
come up with a list of things that we want to be part of our ideal family life. I was obviously very excited about this. This was right up my alley! So one Sunday night a few weeks ago we all climbed up on our bed and started talking about what we wanted from a dream life.

It was fantastic to hear what each person wanted from our family life. Some listed spiritual things, others mentioned ways we communicate and interact together, some had great ideas for adventures and fun times together. As we sat together the image of what our ideal family could be really started to gel.

I could see what each person brought to our family and better understand what each person needed. I was able to see where we were lacking a bit, where we could build and to recognize that we had some really fun things to look forward to in our future. You could see each person's eyes light up as they talked about what they hoped or and wanted for our family.

What a fantastic experience this was. I am going to put this all into a frame worthy list that we can post in our family and refer to often. I think it will help us to stay encouraged and excited about our journey and to continually refocus our efforts toward having the idea family experience that we all want. Thank you Focus advisors for the awesome idea!

You can read more about the life-changing effects of a My Life chart on how I live in this guest post I wrote for reFind Joy here. Have you ever created a roadmap for your idea family? How did you incorporate it into your family life?

image by kalanicut

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