25 October 2013

Bring A Little Sunshine

Earlier this week I realized I had created a fun little daily habit for myself over the previous few days. I had been finding little ways each day to send a little ray of sunshine to someone that I knew. It hadn't really been a conscious things but then I realized that I was feeling a want to do that each day. Sitting at my desk in the mornings I was now looking for something I could do every day.

In the days leading up to this realization I had sent an email to an online friend who wasn't posting as much lately. Just wanted her to know I was thinking of her and hoped all was well in her world. I took a photo that I thought might inspire a friend on a goal of hers and emailed it to her with a little note telling her I was cheering her on. I sent a note to a young man at church who I was impressed by as I watched how he conducted himself in his duties. After a few days of this, I was looking for more and more I could do to bring a little smile or ray of sunshine to another each day.

Sure it was nice to serve others, that's a good thing, but I realized how good it made me feel to do something for someone else instead of just being knee-deep in my own To Do list every day, thinking only of my own chores, tasks and challenges. A definite win-win. This week The Bug helped me leave handmade Halloween garlands on the doorsteps of two friends. It was really fun to do that together. Later that night one sent a photo of the garland hanging in her dining room.

So I am throwing out a little challenge to everyone who reads this. See what you can do each day for a week to shoot a little ray of sunshine into someone else's life. Maybe it's holding a door for someone with their arms full, maybe it's letting someone into your traffic lane, making it's smiling at someone instead of passing by instead of staring at the ground, maybe it's a note, maybe it's a meal delivered to their door. It you listen to your soul it may very well guide you to where you are needed and where your encouragement will brighten a day.

When I think of the collective light we could create together, it would overpower the earth with beauty. We definitely need more of that. It makes me think of the song One Little Candle. Our little candle sure can brighten up the world.

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