23 October 2013

Make Your Own Personalized Meditations

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my car, on hold, waiting for something or someone, I can't quite remember. To entertain myself for a few minutes I started going through the voice recordings on my iPhone. Sometimes when I am on long drives, if I start getting brainstorming ideas I click on my recording device and just talk it all out into the recorder.

I deleted a few that were obsolete or that I had already taken action on and then I came across one from last Spring. It started out a little annoyed, because I had just recorded a long list of things I needed to do and apparently it has not recorded. So I was starting all over again. I began with a lot of things I needed to do before The Man came home from deployment. Fix-ups I wanted for around the house, organizations projects that needed desperate attention, issues like dealing with our flattened couch cushions, getting a new filing cabinet, and so on.

Then I started talking about activities I wanted to do over the summer and new routines I hoped to established. Next I started talking about goals for our marriage and then workouts and my personal goals. I started really talking to myself strongly about my goals, really cheering myself on and reminding myself of all the great things that will come when those goals are achieved. I reminded myself of things that are holding me back because I still have these uncompleted goals and how much there is to look forward to once they are accomplished.

On the recording I started to cry as I cheered myself on and spoke to my own heart. I loved everything I said to myself as I listened. I felt a deep connection with myself! It was amazing to hear myself speak those inspiring things and hear the voice of my soul speaking to me. I felt as if I was not alone but had this awesome woman on the recording, who is with me every minute of every day, who totally gets me, cheering me on.

Then I thought, Hey I love meditation. I love inspiration. I love to sit back, close my eyes and listen to things that inspire and encourage me. I should make my own meditations! And you know what? You can do all of that on your iPhone. You can make voice recordings, videos or even slide shows. You can even put music in the background. Last week at the golf course I videotaped The Man's golf swing so we could study it. Our golf course plays music on the loudspeakers in the driving range area, so our funny little home video had very clear background music already incorporated into it. You can add your own favorite soundtrack to your meditations.

So I decided who better to create meditations for me than me! I am going to start recording my own meditations on the voice recorder and on the video camera. I know what I need to do. I know what encourages me better than anyone else on the entire planet. I can take these recordings with me anywhere I go on my phone. I think I will start with one encouraging me towards my goals, one to help me relax and stay centered and one to inspire me to an energetic day each morning. I could probably use one to help remind me to put taking care of myself as my number one priority too as this take constant reminders.

Would you like meditations created in your own voice? What would be the first meditation you would want to make for yourself?

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