22 October 2013

The Slowing Down of Fall And Winter

After I knit my first eternity scarf a couple of  weeks ago I received several well-placed hints about how much a certain little person liked it and felt she needed one too. So the next time I was at a craft store I picked up a skein of eggplant died chunky yarn to whip one up for her. When I got home she was snooping around in the bags and I asked her not to do that. She could not help herself, pulled out the yarn and let out a scream of joy. It was never once discussed what the yarn was for and still hasn't been. But she knew and she loves purple.

When I finished my scarf I realized I really missed having a knitting project. I always crave knitting in the fall and it certainly is the time of year when I do my best projects. I never feel like knitting in the summer or spring really. There's something about knitting that makes it okay that the nights are getting darker earlier.

I find that although I've never been a fan of "dark by 5 pm" that there is a certain biological calming and desire to nest and do nurturing things like drinking tea, do creative projects and yes knit. Sitting curled up on a couch with a project or book feels just right for this season for me. I feel very in tune with all that this year. I find that this year I am enjoying the pace slowing a bit, that the evenings feel longer and I feel more inclined to quiet, creative time. It feels like we're spending more time together as a family in the evenings too.

I think I'm going to do all I can to drink this feeling in this year. I am looking forward to putting some nice music on, lighting up the fireplace and creating. I can think of a multitude of projects I would enjoy doing this winter. See my "Fun DIY Projects To Try" board on Pinterest for the first hundred or so, haha. Beyond that I would love to make my own Christmas cards again this year, knit up a storm of scarves and hats, make more jewelry, fabric dye and stamp, make some pillows, do some sewing projects, cook soups, bake bread, all sorts of crazy, fun, meditatively relaxing activities.

Part of my plan is to get The Man and The Bug involved too. They are both massively artistic and creative and I want more of that for all of us. While out shopping last weekend I picked up two sketchbooks. Last week The Man had an idea he wanted to draw out and could find nothing but computer printer paper to draw on. He should have a simple, proper sketchbook. I got a mini-size for the mini. I am going to set up some family time for the two of them to draw together. I will join them with some project of my own. Maybe I'll plan a couple of holiday projects for us all to do as well. You know what they say "The family who crafts together stays together." Haha.

I'm so glad my soul is appreciating this natural slowing down that happens as winter approaches. While I do love all the bursting forth of Spring and all the sunshiny business of summer, I am learning to really enjoy the harvest and the rest that follows. It's so natural for us to need to rest and have quiet in our lives. I'm going to pretend that the next few months are one big cup of hot cocoa for the soul and make sure to rest and nurture mine.

I just finished all the knitting on The Bug's scarf. I just need to sew the ends together now. I guess I'd better come up with another knitting project to keep my fall mojo going.

image by kalanicut

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