31 October 2013

Don't Let Ghosts, Goblins & Monsters Steal Your Dreams

Happy Halloween! I had a little Pin Test I was going to post and then I didn't have the supplies I needed to finish them up. So frustrating. Maybe I will post it later in the week. So I thought I'd share something else that is spooky with you.

Letting go of our dreams and greatest joys - things that make us really happy. This happens because we get busy, lose our focus and sometimes even it happens because someone else has said something that makes us feel badly for seeking out our dreams. It often happens that one comment from another person can stop us dead in our tracks towards our dreams.

When we think about the things that make us most happy, immediately our hearts begin to soar. When I think about swimming I instantaneously feel the energy in my body rise. When I go swimming my soul sings. It's so easy to just get in the car and drive up the street to the pool. Once I have all my gear and I walk out to the pool deck I am feeling nervous and excited. After a few minutes I start to feel my groove with the water. About that time I kick off from the wall and glide through the water and in that moment I feel complete joy. The water and I have become one.

I was telling a friend recently about how happy swimming makes me and how I regret that I have not been going. I told her about how joyful I had been last week when I went swimming. She said she had a very similar experience with dance and had been missing it and had recently returned to it and found so much happiness there. For both of us these were activities we had picked up in adulthood, they had not been lifelong passions. This is encouraging because it means there are still new joys to be found throughout life. We aren't just stuck with whatever we chose to try in childhood or our youth!

We talked about the things that keep us from our newfound, but deeply soulful passions. We talked about how discouraging words can keep us from living our passions and how important it is not to let other people's attitudes or comments keep us from living out our passions. The same holds true for ourselves, we should not hinder ourselves from living our passions whether it be by becoming too busy and distracted or by talking negatively to ourselves about our dreams or our abilities to achieve them.

I am going to go swimming again today. I can't wait. I hope my dear friend continues twirling in her leotard! How much happiness we can bring to the world if we live our passions and encourage others to do so. By example we can inspire others to live their dreams too. There's nothing worse than seeing someone else living their dreams to make you feel like a crumb for holding on to lame excuses for why you aren't living yours. There is a way to draw closer to every dream we have, to accomplish more, to live more fully. We just have to look beyond Options A, B and C and realize there are a full alphabet of options to follow up on.

Life is too short not to seek our dreams There are of course times and seasons for things in our lives, but more often than not there are, again, other options for how we can still live more fully in our dreams. We can change our schedules, ask for help, join with a friend to each other make time. What are you dreams? What are you going to do to live them today? Tomorrow? Next week? Don't let ghosts of the past, goblin's comments or monster-ous fears keep you from having things in your life that make you most happy!

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