13 August 2012

Thrift Store Clothing Finds - Bold Colors And Patterns

Last month I had a chance to do some wandering and adventuring in the Inland Empire, an area about an hour east of where we live. That can be two or three hours east depending on traffic, haa-haa, but not so funny if you're driving in it.

I happened upon two national chain thrift stores, the name of which I will not say because I am so angry with them about the outrageous price gouging at my local store and many of the city locations around here. It starts with a G and ends with an L if that helps. See my seething eyes from where you sit. ha.

It was with mixed emotions that I found that in the outlying areas prices are drastically less then what they are charging in my neighborhood for the same stuff. I found lots of furniture for five to ten dollars. In my neighborhood you won't find any furniture for less than $30 and it skyrockets from there. It's ridiculous. I found two night stands that I would've loved to buy but I have absolutely no need or use for them, they were five dollars each. Scream...

I held back on the furniture but found three beautiful items with bold colors and patterns. So perfect to match up with a simple outfit to make it pop. I love this little orange top for The Bug, can't wait to try it on her. And we needed shorts badly, so I was happy to find another pair in these pretty blue hues.

For me, the words Michael Kors, Orange and Hawaii will forever make my heart sing. Here's an example, my favorite purse of all time. I will also forever smile when I revisit that handbags post. It's titled Blog Crawl and I was crawling alright. So sick I ended up in the hospital just a few hours later. But boy did I keep my commitment to get that post up. Too ridiculous. What was I doing????

Anyway I found this beautiful orange and white scarf labeled Michael Kors Hawaii. Hello singing heart. I have plans for this big, square beauty. Perfect for a wrap in Hawaii, great for a wrapped neckscarf with all the blacks and grays in the heart of winter to keep my neck sunny, cheery and warm! Total price for all items, $11. Sweet.

Here are a few other thrift store scores.
Embroidered Tops & Bottoms For Girls
Dreamy Wood Bread Bowl
Home Decor & Fashion Accesories
Belted Cardigan

Thanks for coming by. Hope you have a joyous day!

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