17 August 2012

A Flurry of Industry

Last night there was a flurry of industry here as I continued working on my mirrored pumpkins with a final coat of metallic silver paint, started a new Pin Test experimenting with stain removal potions, soaked whites in a bucket in the tub to revive the pure snowy white color. I also managed to break a glass jar on the kitchen floor. You know the annoyance and security measures that have to follow that up.

Then I vacuumed the living room. Mysteriously I have become a passionate vacuum-er in recent weeks. I seriously have no idea what that is about but for some reason in my life right now I cannot tolerate the thought of a dirty carpet. I have also been very dutiful about cleaning the bathroom vanity. It gets a serious scrub down every few days.

I also washed down two chairs and a small side table that have been sitting down in the garage for a year. It's amazing the disgusting black goo that accumulated on them and accumulates on anything we leave outside. Ah, city living in the armpit of two of the busiest freeways, one of which is under massive construction.

Then fluffing up all the living room furniture and pillows commenced. And without the AC running on a very humid night I was dripping with perspiration.

Now I have just one problem. I have been looking for bleach pens for about a week. The ridiculous thing is that I know I have bunches of them and seem to find them all the time when I don't need one. But now that I have a little project I want to work on, and after I got out everything and got all ready to create, I can't find one of them. Not one.

I refuse to go buy another one because you know if I do that, the minute I get home I'll find a whole bag of them. But I'm starting to get frustrated. I have looked in all the usual spots, repeatedly but to no avail. I just know they are somewhere right under my nose. They weren't all together so I should've at least run into one of them in my searches. Any advice? At what point do I just give in and go buy one knowing I'll find them all?

I'll be back to report on the Pin Test in my next post. Until then, I'll be searching for bleach pens and overthinking how I'm going to sell my dining table and chairs. I haven't mentioned that before here have I? Haa-ah-ha. Hope you're having a great day!

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