09 August 2012

Too Soon To Call For Fall

Ah, blog friends, if we could sit down to a cup of tea together in person I would have so much to say. But suffice it to say that my little clan is going through a very challenging time and I've had my hands full, in Mama Bear protector mode, trying to keep all three of us thriving and well.

In spite of all that is going on right now, I am feeling very blessed, of good spirits, counting every little blessing and trying to get a little sand between my toes and sun on my cheeks whenever possible. Life lately has not provided time for creative pursuits much, including so many things I hoped to do on the blog that past few weeks. I will definitely get back to Pin Tests soon.

The two crafts I have put great energy into of late are letter writing and care package creating. There is great love put into both these two tasks, but they do take up a great deal of time, particularly when requests for a long list of needed items requires trips all over town and decision making on my part that is often made with very little information to go on. Yesterday I was trying to choose eyewear and computer glasses on the fly.

I'm jokingly considering moving to Culver City because I have been there so many times the past couple of weeks picking up things. Ah, the joys of Culver City, where parking is free, stores are plentiful and driving is pretty easy (comparatively). I can't tell you how many Target runs I have made in the past two weeks. Tomorrow I will ship boxes nine and ten. Thank goodness for the "if it fits, it ships" Priority Mail shipping boxes.

We're having an earthquake wave in SoCal. Three earthquakes the past two weeks. Unnerving. I've never actually been really scared during earthquakes but the middle of the night quake two weeks ago scared me pretty good. With each earthquake there is always the fear that it is just the precursor to something scarier and bigger.

We're also having a heatwave this week and it makes me feel quite ready for fall. Our real summer here runs from mid-July to September or October, so I'm really pushing it since our hot season has really just begun and real fall weather won't appear for some time now. But at least I'll be able to run away to other places enjoying fall soon.

It feels good to check in with you. It's my connection to my authentic self and the outside world at the same time. Such a blessing. Thank you for being here, for the friendships we've made over the years and for your kind support always.

Above photo was from a lovely picnic with my sister at the beach on Monday. It was perfect weather, a perfect breeze, pure relaxation. A blessing to count for sure.

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