21 August 2012

A Pin Test #5: Homemade Stain Remover

This week I'm taking on the Dawn dishing washing liquid and hydrogen peroxide stain removal concoction that is all over Pinterest. One thing I have learned after a while on Pinterest is that just because a pin is wildly popular it doesn't mean people have actually tried it or that it actually works. I based my experiment off this pin. Speaking of Pinterest, you did hear that it's public now right? Anyone can easily join.

So I made the mix, applied it and let it sit on the yellow stains under the arms of two white tee shirts and around the collar and cuffs of one white button down shirt. The instructions said if I let it sit for one hour, then washed the solution out of the fabric, the stains would be gone.

After one hour, I tried one tee shirt. The outcome was not so impressive. So I waited another hour for the second tee shirt. After rinsing it, it was a little better but still visible. So I decided to let the shirts soak overnight to see if that would help. At that point I was hoping the shirts didn't disintegrate while it's soaking.

The next day I put the shirts in the washer. After washing and allowing the shirts to air dry, I was very interested to see if there would be considerable improvement after a good washing. I have to say I was surprised and pleased to see how good the white button down looked afterwards. Very shiny white. The tee shirts both looked pretty good but you could still see the stains under the arms. They weren't super noticeable but I could still see them.

I think the difference might be that stain removal solutions traditionally work better on 100% cotton fabrics like this button down shirt than on blended, manmade fabrics such as stretch tee shirts.

Now here is a contrast for you. At the same time I soaked a bucket full of whites in OxyClean overnight. I was impressed to get equally good results with this approach. I would say that both options were equally satisfactory to me. The whites are looking good around these parts. I would say that this Pin Test was a success.

I will definitely use this method again, in fact I am already soaking The Bug's white sweater that somehow has a huge stain on the bottom of the sleeve. I'm guessing she stuck her hands in some water then rubbed her sleeve against something dirty. It's a mess. But I'm sure either of these options will get us back to a pretty, white little sweater.

How about you? Do you have a favorite of these two methods? Or are you committed to something else?

images by kalanicut

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