28 August 2012

A Pin Test #6: Bleach Pen Tee Shirt

This isn't as much of a test of the validity of a Pin on Pinterest as it is a test of my abilities. Here's is my shirt mid bleaching session. Here is the Pin I based my project off of and if you want to see the entire original post it is here at The Next Bird blog by Kristen.

Kristen's pattern is so pretty and I tried to freehand something. Dealing with the inconsistent flow and bubbling of the bleach pen always frustrates me. I feel like other people's patterns never reflect those inconsistencies like in my own projects. As you can see above I spent quite a bit of time working on putting the bleach on the tee shirt and I also did something similar to the right side of the shirt.

I let the bleach sit and sit and sit. I double checked to make sure I was using a 100% cotton tee shirt (yes, I was.) I let it sit longer. I forgot about it, ran back in and check it. And still I didn't see much progress. I let it sit for a couple of hours and then figured it it was going to happen it would have happened by now and the bleach was beginning to dry up.

So I rinsed the shirt in the sink, making sure to wash all the bleach out of it. When I got done, I opened up the shirt and there were no visible signs of the bleach artwork at all. Project fail. But the great part is that I can try again on the same shirt.

Here's what I'll do differently next time:
1) Start with a fresh bleach pen. The ones I used had been in a drawer for a few years.
2) Use bolder strokes. I think I need to get more bleach on the shirt and make all the lines thicker.

So I'll go from there and try it again. I'll let you know how it goes. If you have any thoughts on what went wrong or suggestions for a better try next time I would love to hear them. Hope you have a great day!

image by kalanicut

1 comment:

cropfoto said...

You should have asked me!

You definitely need a new bleach pen and after you put on the bleach dry it with a hot blow dryer. Works like a charm.

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