13 August 2012

The Always Sad Day After The Olympics

image via BBC News

Anyone else feeling an Olympic hangover besides me. If you are a lifelong Olympics fan, as we are in my family, you might be feeling a little lost now that the amazing games of the XXX Olympiad are over. What will I do now? What will I have to look forward to? What will inspire me? Doesn't it just break your heart when they extinguish the flame?

Along with saying goodbye to the Olympics comes the realization and a bit of a relief that it's time  to get back to regularly scheduled life, earlier bedtimes, the TV on less and all those good things. But before I do, I wanted to say well done London. It was truly a beautiful and amazing games and it seemed that the world did unite with heroes and heroic stories from every corner of the globe. Countries large and small, young and old, had great triumphs to celebrate. It was easy to celebrate the success of athletes from around the world.

I'm happy to hear that the next Olympics are just 18 months away. I do so love the Winter Games. Here are two posts I wrote from the last Winter Olympics that seem appropriate again today.

What about you? What did you take away from this Olympic Games? Who inspired you?

I'll be back later this morning with a new post about thrift store adventures in the suburbs and some  spunky fun clothing finds. Hope you're off to a great Monday!

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