10 November 2010

Hawaiian Shave Ice At It's Best

At times I get quite crazy cravings for Hawaiian Shave Ice with macadamia nut ice cream in the bottom, watermelon, strawberry and watermelon syrup, with sweetened condensed milk. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it. Mmmmmmm.

In Hawaii you can get good shave ice in many locations.Shave Ice is NOT a snowcone. It's a completely different thing, the ice is much finer. In many cities on the Mainland there are Hawaiian Shave Ice trucks and shops now. But I just can't eat Shave Ice between 10 pm and midnight on a weekday when the truck is in my neighborhood or chase the truck around via Twitter.

Paragon Little Snowie Shaved Ice Machine

So I'm thinking I should just invest or put it on my Christmas list. Of course there are machines that cost over $1,000. But maybe I could snag one like this. My next problem is finding Dreyer's macadamia nut ice cream. Big problem, right? Maybe I need to find a recipe and add an ice cream maker to my Christmas list. Mmmm.

Cuisinart Stainless-Steel Ice Cream Maker
By the way this AWESOME ice cream is seriously on sale, makred down from $145 to just $79. A perfect Christmas gift! My mom uses this machine all the time in the summer and makes some seriously good ice cream very quickly.

Photo 1 by kalanicut
Photo 2 from Amazon
Photo 3 from Williams-Sonoma

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