28 November 2010

A Little Holiday Spirit

I have been experimenting with the photo lessons I learned from Leslie Schewring, of A Creative Mint, in the BYW class this fall. Leslie taught us a lot about the charm of extreme close ups. I have a lot to learn about my new camera and have enjoyed experimenting with different photo shoots. I can humbly admit I've deleted a LOT of photos in the learning process.

This weekend I took some photos that captured the holiday charm I'm enjoying around the house. Here are a few shots from little corners.

I don't ever buy a tree because I've never been at my apartment for Christmas Day. I have a small 24" tall tree that I set up on a table and I decorate the mantle with garland, lights and the lovely ornaments I've been given over the years.

A new addition to the decorations comes thanks to The Man. A few weeks ago he found a large fishbowl sitting near the dumpster that someone was getting rid of. One of the nice things about living in a big city is that when people decide they don't need things anymore they often recycle them by leaving them at the side of a dumpster for others to take. It's amazing the great stuff you see on the curb or next to dumpsters in this city!

He had an idea we could do something creative with it. While at Target this week I found a collection of red and silver ornaments in the dollar bins. I bought a variety of glittered, glossy balls in a several sizes. Mixing the ornaments with a string of lights created a charming bowl of deliciousness to set next to the fireplace. All for just six dollars and some stuff I had laying around the house.

I'm working on a few new creative projects after a Saturday trip to Michaels. (Did I say trip I meant extravaganza!) I will look forward to sharing them with you here in the next few days. I'm making a fun wreath and having some fun with two styrofoam tree forms. And you can look forward to some giveaways in the next few days!

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Kelly said...

I love these photos and seeing a little peek at your decorations. (And I'm sure Leslie is deleting plenty of pics, too -- so I never worry if most are bad as long as I get a few gems and you totally did!)

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