16 November 2010

Holiday Crafting with Mariah

My lovely friend Mariah has organized a series of Girls Night Out craft Friday nights. It was so much fun to get together with a bunch of fun, bright, spunky, entertaining women and whip up a little Christmas bunting.

Mariah was so smart to pick projects that were really doable in about two hours. The first week they made felt flowers. When I went on Friday no one left without a finished product. It was so great to have Mariah right there who could advise at every step along the way. It was nice to have someone else figure out all the logistics. All I had to do was follow simple instructions.

If you're in the LA area, we'll be making stocking next week. Get in touch with me asap if you are interested and I'll get you all the info and make sure there are supplies for you. Thanks Mariah for putting together such a fun series and for all your work!

I love to hear what you are doing with friends to prepare for the holidays this year. Shopping dates, craft projects, etc? Please share. Have a great Tuesday!

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