02 November 2010

Weeding & Planting Life

Celebrating the first birthday of kalanicut blog this week.

It's funny to realize that in the course of just a few months your life has completely changed. It's been a very adventurous six months for me. Looking back I see that things that seemed disastrous were actually big blessings, things that seemed to be going very wrong were actually working out perfectly, and one or two people who it seemed were going to be big pains in the neck were actually angels in disguise.

The funny thing is that I'm not even referring here to anything that anyone who knows me might assume I'm talking about. That makes me laugh. As always, as the months have passed, the lovely continued to be lovely, the good souls remained faithful friends and inspirations.

It's amazing that after working in the TV industry, it has become such an insignificant part of my life. Big premieres & events have happened and not a one has turned my life upside down or ruined plans with people I cared about. I have spent more time with friends and family, more time outdoors and more time thinking about what is most important to me in life.

I have spent more time being creative, building relationships with creative people and admiring the creativity of others. I've also had the opportunity to be there for people I love, to give my time, help them out with home projects, help with move packing, talk to them in times of trouble and visit when sickness hits.

So the garden of my life is more beautiful than ever. I've weeded out things that aren't helpful and planted pretty new plants and flowers. Looking back I feel even more conscious of how I tend my life garden and what I want to weed out and what I want to add.

What are you cutting and adding to your beautiful life? I'd love to sit over a cup of tea and chat about it with you. I appreciate all I get to learn from you, lovely readers. Thank you for sharing!

Here's a blast from the past treat from the fabulous Sarah Hamilton. This was one of the most popular posts of the past year and I still love thinking about it.

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