30 November 2010

Favorite New Tees

Finding tee shirts that I love and that I can dress up or dress down a bit is always a frustrating process for me. This makes me get more attached any time I find a tee shirt that really works for me. I'd been on the search for good tees that I could wear with casual skirts and jeans for a while.

At Target a few weeks ago I decided to take a chance and pick up a few of these Merona tee shirts with darling appliqu├ęd designs without trying them on. I was tired of looking and figured if they totally didn't work I could return them. I was so happy to find they are just right. I'm getting more, fast, before they're gone.

Have a great Tuesday!! Thanks for coming by to share this space with me. Love your comments, ideas and all you bring to the conversation.

all photos from Target online 


Megan said...

I found you! I just saw your cute picture and name on Design Mom (she's my sister in law-law, meaning my sister's sister in law)and I immediately remembered you and had this whole flood of memories about you!
So that is fun and a small world! How are you doing? I'm on facebook!

Chuzai Living said...

Ah, TARGET! I miss going to their stores after we moved overseas! I love the shirts! They are so adorable!

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