29 November 2010

What Men Really Think

If you're in the process of beating yourself up about how much you ate this weekend, stop right this minute -- I demand that you stop. Take two minutes and read this article written from MSN Lifestyle by Aaron Traister, a husband who adores his wife and loves her to pieces -- ALL her pieces.

I loved what he said about what men do when they look in the mirror vs. what women do when they look in the mirror. Couldn't be more hilariously and sadly different. We should be more like men sometimes. It's amazing how much energy we women burn fussing about things like our appearance.

Seriously have you ever seen a man let a perfectly good day be ruined because his hair doesn't look just right or he didn't have the right belt to wear with a certain outfit. Stop it, ladies. I'm talking to me, I'm talking to you. Yes be healthy, yes take care of yourself, yes exercise...but then let's just be happy. Can we? You're beautiful, lovely and delightful!

1 comment:

Toni (aka Sparky) said...

Oh so very important to have deep life interests other than your appearance for keeping vital!!! Great post! ~Sparky


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