11 November 2010

My Veteran's Day Tribute - God Bless My Boys & the USA

It's Veteran's Day. Being part of a military family I have to pause to salute LCDR-Select, The General, The Colonel, our dear friend Mike J. and every other member of the U.S. Military family at large. The sacrifices members of the military make are big ones. But they are made with a conviction that they are serving their country, that they are protecting our quality and way of life -- and the lives of their own families.

It's long periods of time away from loved ones, lots of physical and emotional wear and tear -- injuries on young bodies that our veterans carry with them for the rest of their lives.

I must send my love & support to military spouses and families everywhere and salute their sacrifices. Waiting and wondering how loved ones are, when an email or call will come and when they'll come home are not easy burdens to bear. Add on top of that the stress of maintaining the home front and managing all the duties for the family is both lonely and exhausting.

What I'd give to spend the day with LCDR-Sel, The General, The Colonel and Mike J. Sadly I won't be with any of them on this special day. But I send my love out to sea, up to heaven, two states east and across town to say thank you for all you've done to serve this beautiful land of ours. Mwah! Big Kiss!

P.S. Hey #76 good job helping those stranded Carnival folks!

photos shot by kalanicut
at the National Memorial Cemetary of the Pacific, Honolulu, Hawaii

1 comment:

knack said...

What beautiful words, and so true!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment about the photo shoot :) It was my first time so the jitters were even worse...I need to get some tips from you next time!

Have a wonderful day!


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