15 November 2010

KK, A Cat & A Dog

In general I think a woman should never take children with her to shop for women's clothing. I staunchly believe that no child should be forced to endure a long, wandering trip to the mall for mom's sake on a Saturday afternoon. It's a recipe for disaster, right? We've all witnessed the meltdowns, right?

Well, here's some magic that happened when I had the audacity to do a little shopping for myself a few weeks ago. Here's the recipe: Little Bug in the big section of the shopping cart, my planner, a pen and me doing a quick, self-indulgent shop - which I never do with her.

Results: The first portrait of me she has ever drawn. She followed this up with one of Dad and one of herself. I haven't even seen her do stick figures. Apparently she skipped that phase and went straight to clothed stick figures. I can tell she takes after her very artistic paternal side. She's very serious about anything she draws.

Granddad and Dad are both very talented at sketching, cartooning, etc. It's fun to watch her work on art projects with her dad, they are so similar, so intent on the quality of their work. I can't really draw at all, so I'm excited to see what she creates over the years.

1 comment:

iheartkiwi said...

How sweet! She is a budding artist!

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