08 June 2012

A Course In Self Care

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I just decided to do this great 8-week course called Super Self Care by counselor Lucy Ann Moll. You might want to check it out. Let me know if you are interested in joining in. It would be awesome to have someone or several people to discuss it with.

I find self care a constant challenge. It's so easy to give away our energy and well-being while doing things that seemingly are good at home, with our families and in the community.

I'm thinking of this few weeks of summer as almost a holy time. I know it will go by fast. I want to do some good things and experience as much growth and joy as possible. I'm planning fun activities to do with The Bug, some new biz ventures, time with family and hopefully lots of rest and rejuvenating.

How are you feeling about Summer 2012? Do you have grand plans? Small plans? Trying for good reason not to plan anything at all? What are your hopes for this summer?

P.S. I also have to suggest you go over and visit my friend Ever Kelly's blog today and see her posts about Quilt Market. Her booth was so darling. I am tickled pink for her! I am also really impressed by the angels who came to her aid and made so many beautiful things that I think you will love to see. There are several posts so keep scrolling down for more.

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