27 September 2013

Fashion Basics To Fall Back On

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I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the fall fashion posts I've done over the past years. I always find some inspiration when I look back and often see ways I can update or reinvent something from a past season. Follow the links below for more info and images on all these fall favorites.

The Best of Boden Coats and Jackets 2011 still holds its weight. I would wear every one of these beautiful, statement making jackets and coats. Gorgeous.

These 2011 Fall looks from Garnet Hill are definitely update worthy. A tweak here of there on these classic looks get me excited about boots, skirts and tights. 

Here are a few classics from Anthropology Fall 2010. Good, basic fall colors and pieces with Anthropologie's usual fun twist.

I still love this collection of colorful boots for fall and winter 2012. Most of these are styled for the long-range and totally carry over. These get me excited to do some winter travel.

These Six Great Boots (Fall 2011) still earn their spot with tights and a pretty wool skirt.

Sweaters, scarves, skirts and great bags always feel like fall to me. These beauties from Fall 2012 Boden make me want to sharpen pencils, kick leaves and head back to school.

Lastly here is my first Fall 2013 favorite fashions post. It took a turn for the cool this weekend. I made "warm" chocolate early one morning. Maybe someday soon I'll actually be able to put on a scarf and a few favorite fall fashions. Until then I'll be collecting lots of good ideas to make Fall 2013 fresh, inventive and fun.

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