21 September 2012

My Grandmother's Call To Be Still

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When we were noisy little girls swirling around our grandmother's house, we would often hear our grandmother's call to order, "Be Still!" I'm not sure what she was hoping to accomplish with that very civilized chastisement but it usually just brought a roll of mad giggling.

But it's a call we might all want to listen to more. Taking time to be quiet, slow down and just breathe are some of the most important things we can do to help us make the best decisions for our lives.

Being still may be a serious challenge to our generation. What? Putting down the phone, the internet, the tablet or laptop? Turning off the radio, the TV, the movies? Take off the headphones? I'm guessing if we took a group of 10 people and put them all in a room without any of these distractions several of them would quickly come unglued.

When do we give ourselves time to think? Time to really see what is going on in our lives? Time to connect with ourselves and others in person? Time to create a schedule, a calendar, a To Do list? Time to not think at all but just sit, look at nature, take a walk and listen to the world around us?

It seems like this is a rare occasion for most people these days. So sad. I'm going to try to take heed of my grandmother's words, and "Be Still" more often. The clearer my head, the better off I am. The more time I spend focusing on breathing and calming my body the more healthy I will be. And all those things will make me much more pleasant to be around, more effective at my tasks and more clear of my path. Such a simple task for such big outcomes.

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