12 September 2012

You Never Know Who You Might Run Into

How darling is this ring?! I had to share it, because it just captured the sense of this post so well...sweet, tender feelings of the heart. This Heart Knot Sterling Silver Ring is made by Amy Madden in Brooklyn, NY.  You can check out all her jewelry at her Etsy Shop Sweet Olive Jewelry.

Yesterday was such an interesting day. Back in my hometown with my sisters, I had the chance to run into three amazing friends by complete coincidence. But the thing is, I don't think it was coincidence at all.

Mid-afternoon, my sister and I were coming back to the home base and saw two of our favorite neighbor ladies standing in front of one's house. We pulled right over and hopped out and right there on the lawn had the most fantastic chat with them. We laughed, we cried, we philosophized. It was great. What a joy!

Then many hours later the sisters and I were at the store and across the large checkout area I somehow recognized the face of another dear friend. The interesting part is that I had called her, stopped by and knocked on her door, and sent her a Facebook message but hadn't had been able to catch her.

Then at 11 p.m. there she was at the store and in a flash she turned her face towards my direction and I somehow caught sight of her from a long way away. I knew it was meant to be that. I was supposed to see her and I beelined it in her direction. We had such a sweet chat with her and we parted grabbing each other hand and saying how very much we loved each other. Good stuff!

This week has been such a sweet blessing. Great, great time with the sisters with few distractions. Got a great haircut today. Have seen so many wonderful family members and friends who I really rarely ever get to see, unless it's at some big event where you just get a chance to briefly say hello. I have loved it and it has been such a blessing to my soul. So grateful for the blessings of a good family and having grown up around good, loving people who have been such amazing examples to me.

P.S. Utah continually stuns me, every visit, with its beauty. The mountains, the green fields, the red rocks - just gorgeous and so diverse from top to bottom! There is no finer, more amazing sunset in the world than from my parent's backyard.

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