10 September 2012

Another Attempt At Wedding Sandals

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For a good 14 months now I have been on the lookout for a pair of sandals that would be suitable for a tall girl and her beach wedding. There have been a lot of hits and misses. For me, finding comfortable flat sandals means finding soles that are soft and cushy, quality leather and workmanship, feminine and a style I like. Not as easy as I would've thought. I first found this pair.

Then I realized these were a bust. So I tried to find something else that I could embellish. But couldn't find my size in this pair. It seemed easy, find a similar pair I like, then look on Etsy or other places for fun accessories to embellish them up a bit and making them pretty wedding perfect.

Then I found this silver pair and ordered them. I got them, tried them on and just wasn't in love with them. So I returned them. So over the months I have had zero success even though every time I'm in a shop that carries shoes I take a couple of minutes to zip through the sandal selection to see what's available. I have also checked online often enough to know what's out there. If I liked something it wouldn't be in my size or was super uncomfortable or didn't fit right.

So earlier this week I popped into DSW with my sister and found the pair you see above in silver, in my size. I had actually tried these sandals on in orange a few weeks ago at another DSW and didn't feel like they fit. But I found them in silver this week, tried them on and found they fit really well. The leather is lovely, the sole is cushy and I like the braid detail.

It was great to have my sister there with me for advice and a second opinion. Being able to shop with my sisters is a very rare occurrence. I love having someone along who really knows me and understands what I am looking for and why. I love it when a sister says, "Oooh, those are totally you."

We both gave these Rock & Candy "Mexicali" sandals a thumbs up and I hope I will stick with these. Fingers crossed. Now I can start looking for some fun embellishments. Here I come Etsy! Another great spot to look will be local fabric stores and some of the costume jewelry stores who carry a wide variety of brooches and silk flowers.

These sandals have a loop at the top of the t-strap that would make pinning on a pretty floral pin or rhinestone brooch very easy to do. That could be a sweet way to go. Look forward to a future post on embellishment options.

Thanks for coming by today. Hope you are well and life is good! Sending my warmest wishes!

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