11 September 2012

10 Beautiful Wedding Boards

My Pinterest wedding board was getting so big it was impossible to make logical sense of. So I dismantled the big board and broke it up into categories. Now I have 10 pretty Pinterest boards with the most lovely wedding things. There is a lot of beach inspiration, many gorgeous dresses and lots of yummy jewelry. Plus you will find lots of good ideas for favors, guest bags, and invites.

Here's a quick rundown of the boards:

Wedding Dresses
Bouquets & Flowers
Rings & Jewelry
Invitations & Printed Goods
Guest Bags
Wedding Sandals

Lastly there is a board called Wedding Look & Feel that has a lot of planning suggestions, DIY projects ideas and a bit of a theme for our wedding running through it. If you love all things wedding you'll have fun looking through these boards. And there are a lot of DIY ideas that can be adapted to any kind of celebration or event.

I'm off to the stylist today for a hair refresh. Very excited about that. Thinking about doing a little more cutting tomorrow. Nothing shorter really, just more shapely. It's a big toss up to leave it in it's normal super thick state or thin it out a lot. Both have their pluses and drawbacks. I'll probably make my decision about the moment he takes the towel off my head and asks the always terrifying question, "So what are we doing with your hair today?"

You always know that within an hour you'll be saying something in the range of "Oh yes, this is perfect." or silently to yourself saying, "Oh dear, this is not what I was asking for." Either way it always grows back in the end.

Oh, if you have any great wedding board suggestions for me to follow, leave me a note in the comments section. I love browsing the wedding boards and am always looking for something new and fresh. Have a fantastic day! Thanks for coming by. 

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