10 September 2012

Park City & A 50th Wedding Anniversary

I was the luckiest girl in the world to get to spend Saturday in Park City, Utah. One of the prettiest places anywhere from the gorgeous mountains, architecture, history and shops. I went with my photographer sister who was taking family photos for our parents next door neighbors' 50th Anniversary.

I had to share some of these gorgeous fall flowers that were in bloom around Park City city park and the Old Miner's Hospital which is now the city library. I have thought a lot about our dear friends and the 50 years of marriage. What an amazing accomplishment. It certainly says something about their commitment and endurance and the joy they have had in their lives.

The sweet wife said, "It's been a LONG time. But it's been a GOOD long time." I thought that captured it perfectly. I'm sure it wasn't easy but the rewards are gifts that can only come with a long commitment to something good.

In a world where marriage is usually considered so much more disposable than it has in generations past, it's amazing to think about the joy and rewards to be found in a long, happy marriage. It can't be easy, it can't be fun every minute of the day. But it seems the joyful memories stand out so strongly over the years.

As I look back on life with The Man over the past few years, the days that most poignantly stand out to me are times when we found joy in the midst of the most stressful situations. The pain of those stresses has dulled but the deep, heartfelt connection I shared with The Man and The Bug on those days is so deep and abiding that I really do cherish those times.

I am sure someone who has been married 50 years can speak to those blessing much more profoundly than I. I think we have a lot to learn from these good folks and I always appreciate learning from the generations before.

all images by kalanicut

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