12 April 2010

A Tale of Three Bike Racks

Bike racks have a sad history so far with me. I've always been a THULE fan, partly because of the Swedish connection and because a friend was a THULE rep. 

I lost THULE bike rack number one last Spring with two bikes on it -- operator error and resulting theft. Totally my fault and so heartbreaking that I wasn't more careful. Still apologizing for the loss of two bikes today as neither of them were mine. Weeks later, I invested in a new bike rack, double the price, able to carry four bikes which was now necessary with three bikes at my house.

The Ridgeline rack tilts down so that you can still open the rear door when the rack is hooked to the hitch. Loved it and used it several times over the first few weeks. Then one day at work I got a call from the building parking office asking me to come down and meet the parking manager at my car. There's nothing good that was going to come of that. I found out that one of the valets had  backed my vehicle and brand new bike rack into another vehicle. My bike rack as seriously bent in several directions -- although it took one for the team and there was no damage to my vehicle.We'll be able to rescue this rack with a little welding help from a friend in NM where I think the bike rack will stay for use there.

So this week, thanks in partial contribution from the parking office's insurance company and the REI 20% off member sale, Ridgeline #2 has come home. This should be a once in a lifetime purchase, not one made every few months. Here's to Ridgeline 2, may she live long!

Next week a short vacation is in order to Coronado Island. We'll be able to bike ride to all our planned activities including the theater, a Padres game, movies, bowling, beach and restaurants - we'll take bikes on ferry for some segments into the city, but with our bikes the world will be ours. Can't wait and will be ever so grateful to our trusty new bike rack.

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