12 April 2010

Finally Getting Practical About Carrying Stuff

Bought one of these on Saturday at REI. Life is taking some big turns in the next few weeks, one of which is the possibility for a better morning workout. After a few years of tying my cellphone in the pocket of my sweatshirt, I finally had to get something that could fit a phone, my small wallet, iPod and some water in. This is amazingly comfortable and fits snuggly in the small of the back. It's low profile and I don't have any bad 90s Fanny Pack flashbacks when I put it on. I've had a shoewallet for safety purposes for years now. Crazy to even think about heading out alone without ID, emergency contact info and a little money. 

The 20% off member sale is on over at REI until April 18. Each year I try to use one of the member sales and my annual dividend to purchase one big ticket item.  It's a good time to purchase things for emergency preparedness, camping gear or major outerwear purchases. I'm definitely thinking about a nice tent next time. To see what this Spring's big ticket item was stay tuned for a sad tale with what I hope is a happy ending

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