22 April 2010

Old School Solution to My Organizational Needs

Last week I turned in my corporate Blackberry and am ready for a new, albeit old school organizational tool I can carry with me every day. While I'll be sad to not have mobile internet access, I will continue to use my 3-year-old cell phone.

I thought about all my options and decided to go with something simple, familiar and easy to access. I ordered a refill for my Day-timer Two-page, indexed Pocket Planner. Still have my leather zip case I purchased many years ago, which served me well. Since I was a young girl this was the planner my dad has always used and I think of him whenever I look at the spiral bound monthly notebooks.

The return to paper is charming in and of itself. I love that there is no downloading delay or wait - I can easily flip from monthly calendar, to daily pages to address book quickly. If I don't want to carry the planner I can make notes in my cell phone calendar and copy them over later. There is something about writing in a paper planner that gives me a sense of peace and helps me keep dates and events in my head much better than seeing them in tiny print on an electronic screen. I will never have a service outage in my paper planner. Yes I could lose it, but the same could happen with a phone.

It's also a great thing to have in front of you when trying to coordinate schedules within the family, make plans with friends, for vacations or business meetings. You can keep notes, a list of to dos, appointments and contact info right in front of you.

I'm looking forward to the return to a simpler and even more organized life. It will be fun to put it all together and keep things up to date each week. I'm also excited for the new adventures that will unfold each day in my new Day-timer two-page, indexed pocket planner housed in my old but still gorgeous black leather wallet-case. More packages to await on the doorstep. Can't wait!

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