25 April 2010

City Girl, Country Girl

I just read a great "book" on thepioneerwoman.com which I read somewhere is being written as a screenplay. It will make a great movie. Check out Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, the story of how city girl Ree met a cowboy who spun her head around and changed her life forever. I loved the contrasts of farm life and city life, since I grew up on a farm for part of my childhood.

Ree's story really awakened my memories of farm life and after hearing a good friend is moving to Idaho, I have to say the beauty of farm life is in my head. I've been fantasizing about a little house on a big quiet farm a good bit the past few weeks. I loved living on a farm, following my grandpa and dad around while they worked. Learning to drive a tractor, raising chickens, cows, turkeys and occasionally having a horse or pony around. I helped  haul hay for a while until I proved to my mother that my neck was completely broken out in a rash from allergies to it, which released me for life from that chore. Irrigating, gardening, pulling weeds, mowing big lawns, adventuring around the barn and fields, riding in the back of pick up trucks without a care in the world were all part of the charm of farm life for me.

Of course if I returned to farm life at this point, I'd like that life to include a small beach house, small "big city" apartment with a view and a private plane in which I can fly freely between them all at will. Because really, what great farm in the middle of nowhere is anywhere near an airport with direct flights to Hawaii, NYC, LA or Europe?

I'm envisioning on this farm, open fields, gorgeous mountain backdrops, the sound of a truck driving down a far away road. It's a place where people honk & wave when they drive by, a dog can wander freely. There's a big deck for barbecuing and entertaining. It's almost the same size as the modest house. Maybe there's a small shed/garage that's transformed into a guest house.

Okay enough about my fantasies, this post is really intended to say hey, check out thepioneerwoman.com. You'll enjoy getting to know Ree, her husband "Marlboro Man", seeing all her photos of their ranch, family and life, great recipes, and seeing a part of America you may have forgotten is really the heart and soul of this country.

You'll also enjoy seeing all the success Ree is experiencing from her writing and sharing. She's a country woman on the move. I imagine when Ree got married and moved to the country she had no idea how her former city life and current country life experiences would meld so perfectly into the unexpected career she is now enjoying. It's inspiring actually to remember that all the experiences we have in life are for a reason, make us who we are and create the environment by which we will have our greatest success.  Congratulation Ree and thanks for the inspiration, laughs and sense of gratitude you bring to the world. So glad you followed your destiny!

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