27 April 2010

Lesson Learned - Early & Painfully

Silly, silly, foolish me. I thought going to Target at 8:30 on a Monday morning was something of genius, a luxury. Finally I could skip the weekend crowds, the store would be clean, well stocked, quiet -- the perfect time for a browse and to pick up some little household necessities. You know, the kind of necessities that all cost $3-5 dollars but in the end you leave the store with a bill of $60-100 dollars...tissues, makeup remover, blush, etc.

Well, this trip had disaster written all over it and if I had consulted with any of my mom friends I would have known this and saved myself the pain. They would've told me that this is the magical time of day when all the frazzled mothers whose cranky, fussy children who have been up since 5am crying go to Target to get out of the house.

It's one of the few places open at that time of day, there are other humans around so she is in a controlled environment in case she has a mental breakdown. At least eventually someone here will notice her curled up in the fetal position, rocking and crying in one of the aisles or under a rack of pretty designer maxi dresses and send for some help. At home, she could be sitting in a corner of the kitchen until her husband came home at 5 or later! If she becomes temporarily insane an employee will chase her down and keep her from setting her child in one of the display cribs and walking out the front door. 

Mothers of crying, impossible-to-logic with toddlers, I salute you. God bless you! And if I ever decide to shop with you at the crack of dawn again, remind me to bring a pair of noise-reduction ear phones. I'll be just fine.

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