31 January 2017

Some This And That

The winter seems to be chugging right along and it's hard to believe it will be the first of February tomorrow. January is past us and the month of love, hearts, sugar cookies and president's day weekend is here. I've always liked February. I feel like it's quite a kind month after the ravages of wintery January. It's been very cold here in NM the past couple of weeks although I am so grateful that no matter the temperatures we generally get some nice sunshine every day here.

It's been a weird week of highs and big lows, hopefulness and some despair too. The Man has had a couple of really big disappointments over the past two weeks including losing four years of computer data to the Osiris virus. It's been a hard time for him and of course that bleeds over into affecting the family.

We have made some huge progress on some home organization projects, huge, but for some reason we're having a hard time celebrating that success. I think that might be because it feels like there is still so much to do and the weight of those projects has pressed on us for quite a while. I feel like we need a vacation. I had hoped to steal The Man away for a little refreshing adventure today but his schedule was booked solid. Maybe later in the week we can make that happen. Soon, soon.

We actually made some plans for a quick business/family getaway in a few weeks, so hopefully we can make that happen and have a little down time. It felt good to get online and make some travel plans. I have found that I really need to at least take a little weekend getaway every three months or so. It gives me something to look forward to and is a refreshment for the soul.

I was thinking yesterday as I was looking through my Facebook feed how odd it is that on the same day some people can be getting the best news of their lives while others are going through some of the hardest days of their lives. It's amazing how life works that way, isn't it? I feel like we've been in a blah phase for a couple of weeks and I am looking forward to bouncing out of it in a big way.

One of the things I think will help that seems so funny is that we desperately need some sort of paper filing system in this house. We have not established that yet. Where are we going to keep our important papers, in what room, in what piece of furniture? I have a makeshift system in my office but it is not working anymore and I need to get more serious. My desk is being overtaken by bill statements, insurance paperwork, and other things we need to keep track of for the family. I am really considering putting a filing cabinet in a closet somewhere because I really want my office to be a space of joy and creativity, not bank statements, bills and insurance records. Ick! I'm planning to take a trip to the office supply store today to get some inspiration and perhaps find some items that will help us continue to get better organized.

I think we need a little command center too. Our back entryway needs attention and I think that is where a command center would work best. The entry from the garage includes a coat closet that needs to be better organized and thinned out -- we have way too many coats and I'm not sure how that happened considering we've been living in California most of our adult lives. We also need a place for dropping keys, purses and wallets. So far it's been the kitchen counter and I don't like that and would like to change that. It feels like the organizing and reorganizing of a house never, ever ends.

On a cheerier note, I read The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines last week. For some reason I thought this was a longer, thicker book that it is. It was a simple and enjoyable read. I found comfort and inspiration in the continuing theme that God is always standing besides us and helping things work out even when we have no idea of his miraculous plans. Feeling excitement to follow my dreams was also a good feeling I took away from the read. Sometimes it's so easy to discourage ourselves when we really have all that we need to make things happen in exciting ways.

Joanna's wisdom about creating a home that was comfortable for every family member and allowed her family to have fun and experience a happy life was also a great idea and reminder. It's easy to get so caught up in fussing about how the house looks instead of how the house feels and how the family feels in the house. I loved what she had to say about that and that idea is definitely ruminating in my head as we continue to fix up our own little fixer upper.

On that note, I'm going to get to my yoga practice and workout in today, head to the office supply store and take care of some work. Tomorrow is going to be a day of doctor's appointments so there won't be time to do anything more than that. Those can be exhausting.

I hope you are doing well in the ups and downs of life. We certainly all have them, don't we. But I'm thankful every day for my Best Day Of The Year So Far campaign because it's keeping me in gratitude every day.

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