18 January 2017

Update and Revisit: That Extra Effort To Be Well Put Together

I'm sure some of you have heard and others haven't heard about Dressing Your Truth. I won't go into it much, because I have some mixed emotions about it all, but I will say that a former co-worker introduced me to it and I studied up and found some things that were really helpful and inspiring.

After some debating I figured out that I think I am a Type 1 with a Type 2 secondary. That will only make sense to you if you've studied DYT. Anyway, that has got me thinking about adding a lot more color to my wardrobe which I realized over the past year has become almost completely black or some other dark color with the occasional punches of a pretty scarf, blouse, etc. A wake up call, not just from DYT but what I know about myself already that I need to start dressing more like myself.

So I've been working on adding more color in every way possible and thinking in more colorful terms about my wardrobe and how I express my style. Really good inspiration. If you want to learn more about Dressing Your Truth you can check out their website. There is a link to four short videos you can watch to get a better idea of what type you are and wardrobe inspiration. Also if you do a search on Pinterest for Dressing Your Truth there is a lot of stuff there as well.

So that all reminded me about this post I wrote a few years ago about a good friend I saw who just looked so well put together and professional and comfortable. I started thinking about her secret was and how it made her look so polished.Here's a link to that post and inspiration from my friend. I try to remember this often when I start getting into a fashion slump. Just last night I was looking at some fun new clog sandals for Spring. I really like to wear my pops of color on my feet, so that is one way I can accessorize in a simple way that pops.

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