02 January 2017

Saying Goodbye To The Holidays

It's a new year and time to reboot here at kalanicut. December was a bit of a whirlwind, as it is for all of us. I'm glad I made an early start of shopping and decorating for the holidays as the twelfth month became a challenging one.

Looking back it's easy to see how things get so busy when there are so many things happening at school with the kiddo, lots of church activities, making and baking to do, cards to get in the mail and so many small details that seem to eat up time. Tack onto that some health issues and you're done. I had several doctors appointments this month, including an MRI on my formerly broken foot. I'm committing to better self care, which takes time and sometimes dealing with some issues you've been ignoring. That's where I'm at right now. We also had a very mild case of stomach flu the week leading into Christmas and in a way it was a blessing.

It stopped us all in our tracks and forced us into downtime mode. I think that blessed our holiday because instead of the usual frenzy of activity the days leading into Christmas we stayed home, watched movies and took care of ourselves and each other. While fevers, aches and more weren't enjoyable that's really about as bad as it got. We were lucky!!!! But feeling crummy kept us in slow motion which was good. I just panicked every time friends came to our door with holidays goodies, fearing they would get our germs and their entire families would get sick for the holidays. So we were very careful about keeping our distance and our germs to ourselves, quarantining ourselves and cleaning all possibly infected surfaces.

I was also glad we hadn't planned any holiday travel because we didn't need to get other people sick and we didn't need to catch that nasty cold/flu that has been going around all over the place on top of what we already had. Whew.

So we slid right into Christmas, made it to church for services that day and enjoyed sticking at home for the better part of two weeks, mostly in pajamas. Having to get dressed to meet the world is going to be a bit of an adjustment after the cozy, comfy, homebound holiday we've had. I realized after the first week that we were all much calmer, more positive, quiet and peaceful than it has been around here in recent weeks. More sleep, less stress, more quietude...these things really do affect mental health and how a family gets along with each other!

We watched almost all the Good Witch movies (still have the last two to go at some point in the future), the Transformers series, some Captain America and a few other things. We also got the When Calls The Heart movie collection which we haven't started yet. We have had a few game nights, lots of reading time and taken several good walks around our mountain neighborhood.

We also spent some time on some home clean up/organizing projects too. We're making some progress. One of our worst projects was spending 4 hours cleaning my car. Getting the dog hair out of the upholstery was a nightmare, but boy does my car shine now.

School doesn't ramp back up until Wednesday so I don't think life will get moving too seriously until then, which I don't mind. We have desperately needed a good long rest. I think we are all ready to get back into more of a real life routine now. Appointments, work projects and many other things will quickly start gobbling up time soon. It's been great to rest and at the same time start collecting inspiration for 2017. I'll have lots to write about that coming up in the next few weeks. Plus I will reveal my word for 2017. I haven't even made my sign yet. Got to get on that. I'm dreaming about vision boards and so many other things. I'll share some motivational projects from the past in the coming days too. Lots of fun conversations to have with you!

Wishing you the very best in this year. I believe, despite fears, worries, and challenges we may be carrying into the future, we can find joy in every day. There are moments of magic every day. There are minutes to be grabbed in every day for pure enjoyment, peace and happiness. And I believe whole heartedly that God is blessing us in every way he can, every day. Happy New Year friends!

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