26 January 2017

Inspiration Bracelet

The same day I went to the craft store to buy supplies for my Word of the Year sign, I was interested in buying a jewelry charm that I could wear that would help me remember my word for the year. I hoped I could maybe find a charm that said "fearless" or at the very least I could find a charm that somehow reminded me of being fearless that I could make a bracelet out of. As I hunted I came across these inspiration bracelets that come with charms you can attach to a premade band.

I saw these snap charm bracelets and even though their not what I was looking for or would usually go for, I decided to see if there were in fact three snap charms that represented my goals and my word for the year. I was so happy to find "simplicity", "fearless" and "choose happiness" because if there are three things I am really focused on in my life right now those would be it. If I could somehow add "shine" in there it would be perfect.

I used a 40% off coupon for the band and picked my three snap charms and I had a really cool new inspiration bracelet! I think the entire thing cost about $13. There's no way I could've made a bracelet for that price with a leather band, buckle, three charms, etc. My one wish was that I could've picked up this band in a brown leather instead of black but after doing some checking it didn't seem like a brown band was available. Darn...

A fun new addition to my wardrobe, great inspiration and a fun conversation starter too. I picked this up at Hobby Lobby but I know they have similar versions at other craft stores as well. I think this would make a fantastic birthday or friend gift too. Unbeatable price and something you could really personalize just for them - and who doesn't love getting gift that someone was created especially with them in mind! I only wish I'd seen these before Christmas. I could've made this part of gifts for quite a few people I know. But now I know I have a great gift idea in my pocket for any occasion this year!

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