01 February 2017

My Recipe & Tips For Killer Good Pancakes

We have become real connoisseurs of well-made pancakes at our house over the years. Sadly my husband hates going out to breakfast anymore because he only like the pancakes we have at our house, along with the real butter and maple syrup. Sadly you don't get real butter or syrup at a lot of places. Over the years I've learned some interesting things about making the best pancakes and I thought I would share them today.

When we lived in California we used to have friends over for pancakes frequently and it became our go-to meal for having friends over on weekends for dinner, brunch or breakfast. So I got a lot of practice making pancakes and we came up with some systems to make big batches with multiple griddles, etc.

Quick Tips
  • I mix all my wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately first. Then I incorporate the dry ingredients into the eggs, milk and melted butter.
  • Rather than use half a carton of milk making pancakes I add 1/2 c. water and decrease milk by half a cup. It saves a little and doesn't change the recipe at all.
  • I use melted butter instead of oil.
  • I let my griddle heat up on low for a few minutes before I start cooking. Then I turn it up slightly. But haven't a good hot griddle pan gives you good pancakes right from the start.
  • Here's my biggest tip: Make your batter the night before. Most of us wake up Saturday or Sunday morning and whip up a batch of pancakes and then cook them up and devour them. Instead make your batter the night before and store it in an air tight container. I like to keep mine in mason jars. You might need two jars to store the amount this recipe makes.
    • This gives all the ingredients a chance to blend together really well. Then you don't taste the baking powder as much and the pancakes come out so much prettier, are more tender and fluffy and the flavor is so much better.
    • Making it ahead also saves you cooking time. When I'm making our usual, favorite breakfast it often includes breakfast potatoes, eggs, bacon and pancakes. So if the pancakes are ready to pour, I only have three things to take care of.
  • Butter the pancakes while they cooking on the second side. The Man really likes this.
  • Heat up the syrup for 20-30 seconds in the microwave. Cold syrup is tragic. We pour ours into a tiny glass pitcher then head it up about a 1/2-1 cup at a time depending on how much we need.
  • Try a variety of topping options. Instead of maple syrup we're also big fans of slice strawberries and whipped cream. Another option is lemon juice and powdered sugar. Yummy. My dad always loves peanut butter and chocolate chips with syrup. Gross. To each his own!
I originally wrote this recipe down for The Man because he really wanted to recipe and wanted all the instructions - he says he's going to make these one day. So envision this recipe is written for him and then all the additional instructions will make a little more sense. I thought it would be fun to keep them in there because they help explain my mindset when creating the recipe and trying to explain why I do things the way that I do in the recipe. Here's my recipe and along with a PRINTABLE RECIPE version.

Kalani’s Pancake Recipe

Start with two mixing bowls. You will mix dry ingredients in one, wet ingredients in the other and then combine them in the wet ingredients bowl. So you may want to put the wet ingredients in a slightly larger bowl. This is a double batch recipe and makes about 16 pancakes.

Dry Ingredients 
2 cups flour
1 ¾ tablespoon baking powder (same as 5 teaspoons)
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt

Sift or whisk together lightly

Wet Ingredients
2 eggs 
beat until fluffy first before adding remaining ingredients

4 tablespoons melted butter
I microwave at 30% capacity for 2 minutes to melt it and still keep it relatively cool so it doesn’t cook the eggs when mixed together

1 ½ cups milk + ½ cup water
I just add water in with the milk so that I don’t use so much milk. Works fine.

Mix the wet ingredients together until smooth and then with a large wire whisk, stir the wet ingredients while slowly adding in the dry ingredients. Mix until smooth. You may need to add more water if the batter is too thick to easily pour.

Cook pancakes on a hot griddle. I like to warm up the griddle for a few minutes at a low temperature then turn it up just a bit.

Put any leftover batter into the fridge in an airtight container. I like to use a 1-quart canning jar.

If you try this recipe I'd love to hear how it goes!

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