17 March 2016

Favorite New Kitchen Tools: Rubber Scraper or Spatula

There comes a time in every kitchen where certain tools just need to be thrown out and you need to start fresh. That was the case with many of my rubber scrapers aka spatulas. Which do you call them, by the way? Do you say spatula or rubber scraper? Something else?

I found one of these beauties at Target a few weeks ago and on my next trip I bought four or five more. These are one of those kitchen items you just can't have enough of and I love always knowing there will be a couple of clean ones in the drawer. I really like the color, shape and the handle feels good in the hand. So I am in the process of slowing throwing out the ones I've been using for a few years that need to be replaced.

I wrote another post before about some other kitchen tools I like to have in multiples. Do you have tools you must have more than one of for convenience when cooking or baking? What are they?

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