30 May 2010

Wheels Turning

Keeping busy on the bike. Saturday I rode across town to the beach, up the bike bath about four miles, then found a nice spot on the beach. There were dolphins swimming back and forth, just off shore all along my ride. It's lovely how everyone on the beach stops, points and quietly enjoys the beauty of these glorious creatures.

I packed light. I brought a light linen jacket,  a cotton pareo, two big bottles of water, and a small, simple picnic -- crackers, cheese, carrot sticks, and a big orange. I had hoped to pick up a few good black rocks, some shells or some sea glass for the mantle jars at a favorite beach but there wasn't much there. Tides may have been working against me.

So I enjoyed my picnic and took a lovely, short nap to the lulling sound of the waves. I soaked in sun, breathed in the fresh air and took in the beautiful view. Then hopped on my bike for a quick ride home. Great adventure for the body and soul for just 14 miles of pedaling. Hope you are taking a few minutes for yourself this weekend! Please share your favorite way to run away from home for a couple of hours!

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