15 May 2010

Simple Pleasures - Friends

I sing  a song of praise to friends. Not just the ones you can share anything with, who know your deepest darkest secrets, but the kind that you cross paths with for a short period of time, who remain a blessing in your life forever. This week has been pretty insane, I'll spare you with the details, but it's been an adventure of the nature and intensity that  I never imagined experiencing in my life -- I thought I knew stress, but apparently what I have always thought was the supersize helping was really only a small or medium serving. LOL.

But the saving grace of the past week has been several friends who I hardly ever see or talk to who have said the most lovely things and shared little things that mean volumes to me. I have been beyond grateful for these petite desserts that have helped me keep perspective, touched my life with God's grace, and reminded me how much we all need and are blessed by each other. Yes, we have our moments with each other where we may not do the friendship thing in such an admirable way, feelings get hurt, time passes and people are too busy, lives change -- no one escapes the bumps in the road that come with allowing other people into their lives. But the daily joys so far outweigh those bumps.

It's amazing how much an email, passing along a photo, a quick phone message just to say "I was just thinking about you", or showing appreciation mean to all of us. And how easy the little jewels are to share. They require so little on our part and mean enough to the recipient that they often remember them for life.

Here's a cheer for appreciating good friends and being even better friends. Judge less, love more, question less, support more, think about taking action less and just do it already, minimize sadness, maximize laughter, crush loneliness and expand companionship,. These are the pure delights of life. We should all go for the full buffet more often.

Sending my love and care to friends near and far!

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