10 May 2010

Get Your Feet in the Earth

Last winter I had the opportunity to chat with a meditation guide who I ran into unexpectedly. One comment I remember she made to me was that I needed to get my feet in the earth. I've been thinking about that a lot and trying to spend more time outside over the past few months.

Today I am feeling the effects of having spent a good deal of time outside this past week. It feels so lovely. Being out of doors more lately has allowed us to also spend more time with friends. We've been to lots of parks that are new to us, seen more of our lovely friends who we have not been getting together with often enough. We've made new friends, enjoyed meals outside, run in grass, stood in sand, enjoyed swings, merry-go-rounds, slides, made giant soapy bubbles that attracted children like the pied piper. We've driven down the coast several times, enjoyed gorgeous sunsets, cool breezes and fresh, fresh air.

There is something so healthy about getting your feet in the earth and so many great ways to do it. Take a hike. Plant a garden. Play catch. Kick a ball. Play tag. Lie on a blanket. Stare at the stars. Breathe. Twirl. Do cartwheels. Turn somersaults. Roll down a hill. It's spring and a beautiful time to be outside and start a tradition this summer for getting your feet in the earth. Start now and you'll likely make use of the entire summer to enjoy the out of doors and precious time with your family and friends.

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Margie said...

Oh my, this is a lovely, very STYLISH site! What fun! Hugs, Margie

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