15 January 2010

A Touch of Grace

Do you have a perplexing life question you'd like someone to help you answer? Do you need a fresh perspective on a challenge you are trying to resolve? Is there something going on in your life that just continues to cause you frustration and anxiety? Here's a fun way to get a bit of enlightenment -- A Touch of Grace.

I first saw life coach Cheryl Richardson on The Oprah Winfrey Show. In 2005 I followed her book Life Makeovers each week as my goal setting and progress guide for the year. I also used her book Take Time for Your Life to help me clarify for myself what a happy life means to me and what I can do to achieve it.

Her website, cherylrichardson.com, is full of inspirations: an online bookstore, life makeover groups you can join, online programs and much more. Today I want to introduce you to my favorite part of her site:  A Touch of Grace.

On the upper right corner of her sight, just below her photo there is a link titled Touch of Grace. When you click on this link you are transported to  an introduction to a source of calming guidance. Click on BEGIN and if you want mute the music, there’s an off button on the bottom right corner.

Then follow the instructions as listed. Ask a question in your mind, then click on one of the stars on the screen. Behind each star is card with a word of guidance. After taking a moment to ponder how that might apply to your question, click on the card and it will flip over and you will receive more wisdom about how you might take action regarding your question. It’s both enlightening and fun to see how you can apply what you chose to the situation you are contemplating. Try it the next time you are thinking about a problem you don’t know how to solve or just need a little inspiration in your life.

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