19 January 2010

I Love FRYE Boots

It’s FASHION WEEK  on kalanicut blog.

The spring lines are starting to show up in stores now and it’s the optimal time to get a few great winter bargains and get the best choice of the new spring looks.

This time of year I try to beat the crowds to the best of sandals, skirts, tops and jackets for the warmer months. Luckily for me I can wear them immediately living in SoCal.

Year-round I’m completely NUTS for FRYE boots. I first fell in love with FRYE boots when I was 4. I still have a very distinct memory of seeing my uncle wear them. I fell immediately for  color, cut and quality.  

There’s something a bit hippy chic about them, I feel like they give off a vibe that says, “I look grounded and nice, but if you mess with me or anyone I love, I’ll kick yer arse” to them.

Frye boots have been around since the 1860s and their quality is unsurpassed. A good pair of Frye’s should last you for years, if not for life.

I first bought these boots about 5 years ago and have put an amazing number of miles on them. I adore the color and they just totally feel like me. I love them with a pair of dark, long-legged jeans, but they go with just about anything. I’ve paired them with a maxi-dress and tie-front cardigan, sweater coat and jeans with a scarf wrapped around my neck. They are great for so many occasions and there’s something about boots that just puts a confident stride in your step.

 Do you love Frye and have a favorite Frye boot? Do tell!
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