11 January 2010

Sleep - The Miracle Cure

I have never been great about going to bed. There is always more I want to do. I never want the day to end.  But in the past two years I have gained a whole new appreciation for sleep and it’s influence on our wellness.

I find that when I get at seven to eight hours of sleep most nights I get sick less, my sinuses are clearer, my mind is clearer and more alert during the day, I am more cheerful and easy to get along with, I have a better outlook on life, and my creative mind is more productive. Besides how I feel there is the whole element of how I look. My skin looks more youthful and energized, my eyes are more clear and sparkly, my face looks firmer and brighter, and my posture is better and muscles less stiff.

When I am feeling frustrated, weary, discouraged or low energy it’s amazing what a simple solution sleep can be. I've learned to put myself to sleep by quieting things down before bedtime, taking a quick, warm shower some nights, creating a simple and quick bedtime routine and using recorded meditations and music to help me get to sleep. There are some good meditations you can download for free to your iPod from the iTunes Store. Getting to sleep is a lot easier now and I know that I am enjoying the benefits of more sleep in all areas of my life.

How is good sleep improving your life?

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