21 January 2010

Thick & Chunky Frames are Back

Love these by Ogi Eyewear!

It's FASHION WEEK  at kalanicut.
I first started seeing big, chunky eyeglass frames on French women in fashion magazines two or three years ago. Just like when I saw leg warmers in Denmark in 1999, I knew I was seeing a trend that would make it's way to the states.

Big chunky frames require a delicate orchestration with one's eyebrows, eye shape and facial structure as I found out while shopping for eyeglasses with just an hour until closing, needing to spend up the money I had in my medical expenses fund before it expired on Dec 31.

But I learned that there is probably a big, chunky frame style and color that will work for almost anyone. While the super dark frames don't work so well for me, I found a fantastic gray pair that have enough variation in the tone that they don't look too heavy for my already well-eyebrowed face. I pick them up on Saturday. 

The thought of them makes me want to get bangs, put my hair up in a French knot, wear a phenomenal little black dress with an exquisite ornamental cardigan over my shoulders with a wicker basket at my feet containing a baguette, cheese, strawberries and cream while I sit in a sidewalk cafe sipping something warm and pretending to read a very interesting book, while making eyes through my new chunky frames at a handsome brown-haired man in a fabulous suit sitting across from me.

What about you? Do you love or hate the new crops of chunky frames? 

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