24 January 2010

Artwork Week Day 1

It's ARTWORK WEEK on kalanicut.

Here's a collection of small bags I have made over the years in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. These handy little bags have been a big hit over the years.

They are so great for a variety of so many things. I have used them to organize my purse: lip balm, lipstick, eye drops, lotion and other lady stuff all goes in one of these small bags which I can then quickly transfer from purse to purse, making purse swapping a vastly easier process.

One lovely woman at my office told me last week that the bag she bought at a recent holiday fair has "changed her life". She keeps her cell phone, blackberry and work badge all together in a cute pink bag so she never arrives at work without her basics anymore. A great gift too, they are fun to fill up with little goodies and easy to pop in a padded envelope to ship.

I use them to organize extra makeup, all my nail care supplies, and other little bits and pieces in my bathroom cupboards. I use them to organize my travel bags: lingerie, swimsuits, socks, hairbrushes, etc.

 I have a little friend who keeps all her small plastic animal toys in one. Keeping track of a vast array of sea creature, dinosaurs, puppies, kitties and safari beasts in quite a big job.

These bags also have a male fan base who have a bit of an obsession with these in larger sizes and  solid colors like black and army green to keep track of all their guy stuff like shaving kit, shampoo and soap. They also use them  for camping gear, small bits of sport equipment and little tools.

They have so many uses that I've heard of from so many people who use them that the possibilities seem endless and I love the creativity and usefulness each individual user finds for them.

When I make these it's usually an all night extravaganza. I'll start about 10pm and work until about 4am. They definitely make for a sore back but the big pile of bags that "appear" in the morning give a good sense of accomplishment.

In February I will be doing a big giveaway. Several of these bags will be one of the giveaway prizes so stay tuned and be sure to enter!


cath said...

that is a contest i will eagerly be anticipating!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my "Kalani" cosmetic bag! It's red (MY color!) and will hold a bevy of great stuff! It's perfect for travel. I've a small one as well which is great for my purse.
Keep creating, Kalanicut! You rock!

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