13 January 2010

It's Joyous January

When I find that life feels more discouraging than uplifting, here is a little trick I use to remind myself how blessed I am and how GOOD life is. I take a half sheet of paper and create a chart like the one above. I usually hand sketch it, but it’s just as good typed…the headers -- Joyous January, Fantastic February, Miraculous May, Amazing August…you get the idea.

For each day of the month I write down something miraculous or wonderful that happened during that day. It only takes a couple of minutes. I often do it at night when I am making a final sweep of the kitchen or getting lunch ready for the next day. I keep it on the front of my fridge, right at eye level so that I remember to list my blessing(s) every day and that I am reminded regularly about how blessed I am.

This activity helps me to look at my days with anticipation for good, rather than anticipating I’m going to have a bad day. Every day you can find some little gem to be grateful for and it’s amazing how many little and big miracles you recognize in your life when you are consciously watching for them.

You never know what wonderful things can happen to you in just one little day! What was your little miracle today? Please share!  

1 comment:

marci said...

I love that idea! Fun blog! :)

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