01 January 2015

My Theme For 2015: SHINE!

A few months ago I heard a beautiful Southern gentlewoman say the word "Shine" repeatedly. In her charming drawl the word really stood out to me and it struck me after hearing it a few times what a beautiful word it was and that it might just be the perfect word to theme my 2015 year.

And so I began to mull the word over in my mind. I began to think about what shine could mean in my life.  I looked up the word and loved the words Google used to define my word, a verb meaning to "to give out bright light," or to "to be very talented or perform well."

Even better I liked the noun definition, "a quality of brightness, especially from reflected light." Synonyms included "gleam, glimmer, brightness, radiance, luminescence, incandescence, twinkle, brightness, light."

I liked all those words and it seemed like the perfect transition from a year focused on my own well-being to then focus on turning that light outward and shining. Of course the foundation for all the hopeful shining is built upon self-care and continuing to make my well-being of body, mind and soul my number one priority.

So during the last three months of the year I honed my idea and studied the concept of Shine. I gathered inspiration and in all the decisions I made I tried to see how the concept of Shine could be manifested. If there was a choice that would not help me to shine, I knew it wasn't a good option for me for the coming year.

In the final weeks of December it came to light that I was meant to shine in some very surprising new ways. I'll be sharing those with you in the coming weeks. I have been sharing my theme with family and friends because it has felt right to help them see where I am going and what I am using as a yardstick for my decision-making.

It's charming how The Man has adopted this theme into his vocabulary too and talks about all the ways he's excited to see me shine. I love having his support. And so we're off into the new year with a new theme. It's my Year To Shine.

Do you have a theme word for 2015? I'd love to hear it! Check out my inspiration board, all about SHINE on Pinterest.

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A great word for you and the new year.


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